Manage Fields/Display of Product Display Types

Like other content types, our Product Display content type separates the field input area from the display of those fields. In the display of those fields we can control field sets, order, and hide fields from display.

Furthermore, because this new node type is referencing and thus revealing the products of a certain type (with, in our case, their multiple instances--i.e., we have multiple products of a given type), we can arrange the order and control how those products are displayed on our product display. We will display the products as radio buttons.

Because there is a reference link to the product type, we can take advantage of that relationship and in our display area, have it display the specific product's corresponding body field for each product that is referenced. This is how we are able to show the price and description for each of the selected items while a customer is looking at the product display. We'll put it below the Add to Cart button in our product display content type.

Finally, in terms of our setup, we have one last feature to explain: the line item that is asking for user input (Name tag and meal preference).