Guidelines for Designing Our Text

  1. Make page elements obvious, repeating patterns and alignment (compare with design principle: CRAP)
  2. Carry your navigation and design through the entire website.
  3. Use style sheets and templates to keep information design consistent.
  4. White space is not your enemy.
  5. Beware the page fold.
  6. Don't center text.
  7. Sans serif vs serif: Sans wins on the web.
  8. Use relative text size (percentage or ems) so that users can scale type size.
  9. Don't allow line lengths to get too long.
  10. Don't write in all caps.
  11. Don't underline text (used for links).
  12. Provide good contrast between text and background.
  13. Pay attention to color--there are cultural differences (usability test).
  14. Break up text with headings.
  15. But don't let headings float.