Dwelling Place

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I built this site several years ago. Much of that photography in the front-page slide show is my own! The display of commercial and residential homes is the centerpiece of the site from their point of view. They had a site that they could hardly edit (too many hoops to jump through). This site they quickly learned to build and maintain on their own.

Dwelling Place is a nonprofit located in downtown Grand Rapids. It provides housing solutions for low income needs. I built this site in Drupal 6 several years ago. The large image display at the top looks a bit dated now, but they love it. They place their own photos easily and create content and sell tickets to events from the site. The main function (i.e., most used function) is the property display. If you look at Commercial or Residential property you can see the property display filters. Note that these property listing are all created on the client's side--that is, they no longer need my help to post complex data because the content-creation forms I built for them are easy to use.