Drupal Commerce

A case study using Drupal Commerce.
(a case study presentation for the local GRupal users group)

Drupal Commerce is the next evolution in drupal-based e-commerce. It leverages D7 features. Many of the built in functions of Ubercart have been deprecated--much more is now handed over to Rules, Views, entities, and other existing modules both core and contributed.

Kansas Association of Teachers of English is a non-profit professional organization that needed a way to display content, but also a way to handle two kinds of products: memberships and conference registration.

We can take a l look at these finished product pages.

It is important to note that these finished product pages embody three layers of abstraction:

  1. Product types (Drupal Commerce function)
  2. Products (Drupal Commerce function)
  3. Product displays (merely a Drupal content type function)

The focus of this presentation will be on these higher level abstractions and not on the installation or configuration of the many modules that need to be active for Drupal Commerce to work.

We'll also look at one of the more complex "rules" I created that handles membership assignment on purchase as well as expiration warning and expiration notice.